Vicious Circle 106 – Disaster

Wow, this one was messed up. About 45 minutes in, I hung up on everyone. There were some specific people I invited to be on this episode and several that asked to be on at the last minute. Normally, if I think there’s room for a last minute addition I’ll add them in. Tonight there was no room. You can tell it was over crowded in the first 40 minutes and that’s all my fault. I just invited too many people. (I usually invite more than I expect to be on because some people can’t do it. Tonight it seems everyone was available.) It was fairly out of control with people talking over each other, which happens when there are too many people on the call and I was getting frustrated. When people that I invited showed up late, I added them in and some people took offense. So I hung up. After a few minutes I restarted the call with fewer people and it went on for another couple of hours.

Unfortunately, everyone can’t be on at the same time. I’m flattered that people want to be on and I wish I could have everyone on at once but the fact is that if there are more than five or six people on the call it’s just too unwieldy. In the past I’ve tried to add people at the last minute but I’m afraid that it just doesn’t work out well.

The episode links are all here. (NSFW)

It’s Vicious Circle #106.

Also available in the iTunes store (For Free! What a bargain!)

7 Responses to “Vicious Circle 106 – Disaster”
  1. Jay G. says:

    Wow. Even VC gets bit by the drama llama…

    Thanks for having me on, Alan!

  2. Weer'd Beard says:

    Too bad we all live in the 4 corners of the globe. Be nice to run a studio like say Adam Carolla does. Figuring out who’s turn it is to talk is easier when we can all make eye-contact.

  3. alan says:

    I guess I could be an ass and make everyone shut up and wait their turn to talk but that wouldn’t be any fun either.

  4. Newbius says:

    Thank you for letting me play along.

  5. DirtCrashr says:

    Ever try talking on the phone to someone in a foreign language? I hate talking on the ‘phone because it’s without context or facial recognition, it’s language without the tics that support word-making and recognition.

  6. Kristopher says:

    Yea, stick to the format that works.

    This ain’t a democracy. Don’t take crap from anyone, alan.

  7. Booter says:

    If my wife had listened to this VC, she would have said Newbius was channeling me. Shotguns and Shovels!