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If you want to know what “Hope and Change” is really like, ask someone who lived through it.

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Due Diligence!

The media has found Romney’s high school report card! In other news, Obama’s entire life still missing.

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Wikipedia provides yet another reason not to trust it

“Wikipedia has decided to delete the page titled ‘Forward (generic name of socialist publications.)’“ The page had existed for over a year before Obama decided to use the word for his campaign, causing sudden need to delete it. You can’t … Continue reading

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A left handed endorsement of Obama

And since I’m left handed I can say that. Borepatch has endorsed Obama for President in 2012 And I mostly agree with his reasoning. By nominating Romney the GOP has proven itself once again to be a creature of big … Continue reading

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Choose and perish!

Jack, in comments over at Weerd’s has defined the meme for this election. Given how the GOP field has been winnowed, this has really just been a race to determine the form Gozer the Traveler takes. So this just means … Continue reading

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The Gingrich Doctrine

“…a treaty that extends the right to bear arms as a human right for every person on the planet.” Of course every person on the planet already HAS a right to bear arms. It’s just that most governments deny that … Continue reading

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Sorry GOP, still not voting for Romney

You can make a turd sandwich but you can’t make me eat it.

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GOP Debate: Why bother?

A collection of wash ups and second stringers. If this is the best the GOP can do then they don’t deserve to win.

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Yeah, she’s running

Sarah Palin announces bus tour.

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