Note to Apple:

In 2007 the “i” in iPhone was a nice little nod to the Internet in your pocket while fooling the people into thinking you were selling a phone. Now that it’s 2013 you can drop the gag and stop calling it a phone. Sure you can make calls on it but you can make calls on your notebook and desktop computers too and no one calls them phones.

It’s a pocket computer first and sometimes a phone second.

Time to think up a new name.

The All-In-One Project

Before last week, SQRPT was produced on three computers. One was an Asterisk PBX that handled the incoming DID (for the call-in number), one does the Skype and the other records the show, sends it to the Icecast server and receives the calls from the call-in line. There is also a hardware mixer that connects to the audio I/O on the last two computers and handles the mix-minus between Skype and the call-in line.

Here is a view of everything but the PBX which was in a data center.


I’ve always wanted to run everything on one computer but the requirements for the show were so complex and the number of audio channels required made it impossible. Fortunately, by using OS X, I was able to combine some functions into more than one computer and only use three instead of 5.

For the last month I’ve been working on running the PBX in a Virtual Machine on the Skype iMac and for last week’s show we used it live. That means I can now retire the dedicated PBX server and SQRPT is down to needing just two computers.

But now I’m working on a fix for that using Ardour and Jack OS X. Jack lets you create virtual audio channels between applications and Ardour is a digital audio workstation that will (theoretically) do the mix-minus between Skype and the call-in line and let me also do the recording and Icecast streaming ALL ON ONE COMPUTER!

Thank god we don’t do video too…

Monday Self Censorship

Good luck with that. If you refused administrative punishment and requested a court-martial you’ll be breaking rocks for a few years.

Says the beta male.

Oh yeah, milk that franchise.

Yes, actually, I do think I’m better than you.

LOL! Pawnbroker. Still butt hurt over a blog post from 5 years ago. You sad little man.

Oh, how quaint.

No tactical benefits to OC? I guess that’s why the cops never open carry… Oh wait.

Screw it, that’s good enough.

The Intrinsic Value of Journalism

(Cross posted from Facebook because blogs are dead.)

This morning I was listening to journalists complain about how hard it is to get paid for doing journalism. And I thought, “It’s interesting how much “journalism” relied on limited access to media distribution.”

It turns out that when ANYONE has access to a “press” then the actual value of “journalism” approaches its intrinsic value of zero.

They used an example of doing a story on the iPhone 5, about how you’d have to talk to Apple and then Interview Johnny Ive and then take a camera crew to China, and how expensive that would be. And I wanted to say, “It’s expensive for YOU to do it but someone will do it for free.”

Being a “journalist” will be tough but the news will still get out because people will still do it. It’s like that Little Green Footballs blog and the Dan Rather Documents. That was his one big story and he’s never done anything else of note. But that ONE thing happened and if millions of people are reporting about ONE thing that happens, one thing they were there for or that one thing they’re an expert on, then we’ll be better informed than ever and we won’t have the mass media filter deciding what is news and what isn’t.

Of course then we’ll have to have a conversation about Google.

Press != Journalist

In light of the Senate trying to define “Journalist” it’s time to repeat something I said before.

The first amendment “freedom of the press” isn’t about journalism. “the press” referred to in the amendment isn’t “The Press” as we refer to news reporting organizations today. It’s about the freedom to publish.

“freedom of the press” is literally the printing press. It’s the freedom to publish without government interference.

To make that freedom just about journalists, and to argue about who is a journalist, cheapens it.

Since the creation of the Internet, freedom of the press is more important than ever. The Internet is the modern printing press.

Self Sensorship


That’s what I just said.

You missed a spot over there.

Ah yes, the “no true Scotsman” fallacy!

I would if I could.

And that’s how you know it’s jumped the shark.

At least you admit it.

Because you don’t know what you’re doing.

I bet they’d get more if they were naked.

Life is scary, get over it.

You are not what you claim to be.



Assholes have constitutional rights too.

I really shouldn’t have to be googling things for tech support.




A new low standard for sleazy in the gun biz.

I received this email yesterday from “”.

Dear Alan,

My name is David Smith and I work for Your website, has sparked our interest. Recently we have realized that we are in need of high ranking blogs about guns. Our company is working to build a blog network that will be seen by millions. With gun rights under attack, we want to create an effective network for letting the public know about current legislation, and new gun products. We’ve started some blogs from scratch, but as you know, it will be months before they develop a following. With the work you’ve already done, we would like to acquire your blog so that we can release our content quickly and effectively. In order to maintain your page rank and not alienate your reader base, our intention would be to keep the content of what you have – just use your blog as a base to release even more gun related material.

If you are willing to utilize our content or even sell us your blog, please let me know. Depending on your ranking and quality of blog we would be willing to compensate you accordingly.

David Smith
Phone: #530-831-0236
Support: #877-486-2828

Sorry “David”, not only will I not sell you my blog but I’ll ridicule your sleazy attempt at SEO on the backs of established bloggers. The last thing we need is another bottom feeding gun blog network. I hope no one takes you up on your offer and I’ll be adding to the list of companies I won’t do business with.