Visit the Minnesota State Fare With James Lileks!

James Lileks is live blogging the Minnesota State Fair, and with comments about T-Shirt slogans:

“Bringing Sexy Back” It’s worn by someone who, trust me, has put sexy away, possibly for good – or perhaps this person is in the process of bringing sexy back, and it is proving more arduous than expected”

And Fair food:

“I’ve seen people eat anything here; you could sell Deep-Fried Sea Monkeys and they’d line up. You could sell Stick on a Stick (It’s Tautologically Delicious!”) and folks would try it. They sell ostrich here. They sell alligator. You can probably find Moby Dick’s Pail O’ Blubber if you walk around long enough.”

He puts you right there in the action like no one else can. Yummm…. I can taste that fair food now. Corn dogs, cotton candy, fried everything on a stick.

I remember getting the day off from school to go to the State Fair in Texas, of course ours was later in the year. If they waited until October in Minnesota they might be able to throw snowballs instead of softballs at the bottles.

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