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Click Bait Manifesto

It’s short and simple. I’m done. I’m not reading your click bait any more. It’s worse than ads and I block those. I’m implementing a sudden death rule. From now on if I find a click bait link on your … Continue reading

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SRSLY, take it. HUD for your car. I need this.

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My new favorite song.

CollegeHumor's Favorite Funny Videos

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Snow Saucer

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Someone wanted a high resolution photo of this map thing that hangs on my office wall. Click the photo for the high res version.

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Dead blogs are dead

The blogs, they are dead! “Sometime in the past few years, the blog died. In 2014, people will finally notice. Sure, blogs still exist, many of them are excellent, and they will go on existing and being excellent for many … Continue reading

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Metcalf keeps digging…

…and proves he’s a bigger dumb ass than I thought. But Metcalf is now challenging some of his more vocal critics with four questions. Here they are: 1. If you believe the 2nd Amendment should be subject to no regulation … Continue reading

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You may think TIA is a failure…

..but it’s not. It’s doing exactly what it’s supposed to do. This is a VERY good post about the fundamental limits of predictive analysis. It also proves my theory that government (NSA) snooping isn’t about finding terrorists because it can’t. … Continue reading

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My with my experience with Nokia was similar. Journalist Lauri Malkavaara’s missive to Nokia stated that “I ordered my own iPod touch, turned it on, and knew immediately how to use it. I have used the device now on a … Continue reading

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Politicians Lie #2654

Modern day Willie Suttons should forget about robbing banks. Government is where the money is now. “…if the concern that “Progressives” (and the likes of John McCain) profess with reducing corruption and its unquestionably evil consequences were as genuine as … Continue reading

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