Monkey's at the Cotton Bowl

Monkey and I went to the Cotton Bowl game today.

Monkey at the Cotton Bowl

It was her first football game. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m not a big football fan, but I got the tickets, a parking pass and brunch for free. Monkey’s never seen football before, it’s not like we watch it at the house, and I thought she’d like the spectacle. I was ready to leave after the half time show, but she wanted to stay, go figure.

For some reason…

Cotton Bowl Score

…the Arkansas fans all left early.


When does a team need its fans more, when they’re winning, or getting their butts kicked in a highly embarrassing manner? The true fans stayed until the end. The losers weren’t on the field today, they were in the stands.

But as a former band geek myself, I’d rather watch the marching bands. After all, the only reason for football in the first place is so you can have a half time show.

Tigers Band

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