Why I might be buying a MacBook Air

The original title of this post was “Why I won’t be buying a MacBook Air” but for every reason I came up with why the MBA couldn’t possibly do “X” I thought of a way it could.

As of the moment, I only have two strikes against the MBA. The first is disk space. I recently swapped the original 100 gig hard drive in my MBP with a 250 gig hd. Now I can finally fit my whole iTunes library PLUS my iPhoto library PLUS a Windows partition and have room to spare. I don’t see how I can go back to an even smaller hard drive. The second is the lack of a card slot (PCMCIA or ExpressCard) so no EVDO no RF spectrum analyzer, both of which I rely on. If I could solve those two problems I’d probably get one.

I’ve managed to get my traveling kit down to one notebook, the MBP. (I use Windows XP in a boot camp partition to run the spectrum analyzer, eliminating the need to carry a Windows notebook) If I bought an MBA I’d have to go back to lugging around two notebooks. It’s not so much the weight as the pain in the ass of getting two notebooks through airport security.

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