Carry Permit Holders

Let me just say: Trying to manipulate Google search results is wrong. Putting up posts about carry permit holders with the shameless intent to artificially and unscrupulously alter the honest results of other posts about carry permit holders isn’t playing nice.  No, it’s not nice at all.

So I hope, for the sake of all that’s good and pure in the world, that no one tries to use links about carry permit holders in a way that would cause OTHER posts from honest, scrupulous bloggers (bloggers who in no way would ever dream about gaming the system) about  carry permit holders to move lower in the search results for real, honest posts, posts that simple honest folk would want to read, about carry permit holders.

That is all.

UPDATE:  Edited to make it even more silly.

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  2. Roberta X says:

    So noted. And piled onto.