Links: How to get them

By Sebastian.

You have to think of your blog as an enterprise, so in order to get linked, you have to market yourself. Now, there are smart ways to market yourself, and annoying ways to market yourself. A smart way to market yourself is to pimp your best material around to other bloggers. Note that I’m saying your best material. Not all your material is great, because I know at least half (probably more) of the stuff I post is crap. There’s a fine line between occasionally e-mailing a post you think is good, and putting a blogger on your mailing list to receive every single post or mailing you send out. The former is acceptable, and even welcome. The latter is annoying.

He knows of what he speaks. Go and learn.

And don’t get all butt hurt when your target blogger doesn’t link to you. It’s not personal (usually). Be interesting and friendly. Link to other blogs, make comments.

Don’t be an ass.

It’s just like real life!

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