Living with the Eee

There are lots of Eee reviews already so I’m just gonna skip to the “what is it good for” part.

This is the 900HA with XP.

First, the Eee is small. If you’ve not seen one IRL, then you may have trouble realizing how small it really is.

That’s the Eee next to a 15 inch Thinkpad, a fairly standard size notebook.  

No matter how prepared you think you are, when you take it out of the box you will be shocked at how small it is.

If you have big fingers then the keyboard will be hard to use. The keyboard is really the only downside and it’s much better than what you get on a phone. Still, you’re not gonna be writing any novels on it.

On the gripping hand, there are several big advantages to the Eee.

It’s size and long battery life make it easy to carry around and just be there when you need it.  The screen is adequate  for web surfing. Skype is great on the Eee although you’ll probably want a headset of some kind, to prevent annoying echos if nothing else. IM and IRC are also good on the Eee.

The Eee is also a nice little media player.  Video looks good on it and the audio is fine with headphones.  iTunes works, and there is plenty of room on the drive for movies, TV shows and music. Next time I fly I’ll be using the Eee on the plane and leaving the Macbook Pro in the overhead. 

Just since I’ve had mine I’ve watched a few episodes of BTVS on it, listened to music, Web surfed, and chatted in IM and IRC.    It’s a handy little computer and I’m sure I’ll be finding more uses for it in the future.

It’s great for blogging too.  I wrote this post on it.

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