Did Obama ditch the press corps in Turkey?

I’m suspicious. Are they really that unorganized?

The White House press corps is stranded in Istanbul.
Originally scheduled to depart for home soon after President Obama and Air Force One took off Tuesday afternoon, the press corps stayed behind, first to file stories on Obama’s Turkey visit, then a little later to file stories on Obama’s secret trip to Baghdad.
But there also was a mechanical problem with the press corps’ chartered 777. And a flight bringing a needed part from London landed at Istanbul without the part.
Now, the White House says, another plane is being diverted from Dubai with the part _ needed for the captain’s seat _ and the press corps will spend an extra night in Istanbul.
Normally grumpy, reporters at first moaned at the thought of spending the night without a hotel room and without their luggage, already checked hours before and loaded aboard the disabled plane. But that eased with news of extra wine being brought in. And it turned to applause with a promise of double airline miles for the trip home.

Love the booze buy off to silence the press. Some things never change.

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  1. DirtCrashr says:

    I know some members of the Silicon Valley Press Corps, and I don’t think they matured (let alone changed their thinking) much since College.
    They hold an exalted position in the Tech Industry simply by being in existence, are often not correct about their stories – and sometimes have a weird underlying angle pressing on stuff. They got almost everythign wrong in story after story about what we were doing with the on-screen TV guide, and kept trying to pound a square peg into their round-hole narrative.
    Just yell, “Free Beer!” and they’ll stampede for the bar. IMO they take limos everywhere because it reduces the constant risk of DUI.