Quote of the day – Atomic Nerd Style

“ACORN was caught out as being systematically willing to endorse and support slavery. Not wage-slavery, real life honest to god ownership of children to be used for sex. If you find yourself defending them or feeling sorry for them in any way, shape, or form, no matter your politics: you need to step the fuck away from the game and live a life entirely divorced from politics for awhile. When you stop being able to politically object in the strongest possible terms to slavery, with no caveats or yeah-buts or but-theys, then you’re already heading down the road as being as soul-dead and corrupt as the ACORN officers.”


And a bonus quote from the comments at the Nerd Ranch:

“Slavery, of all things? WRONG fucking hill to die on.”

Kevin S.

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  1. pdb says:

    Motherfuckin’ WORD, yo.

  2. Mad Saint Jack says:

    From an artist who has done some work for Hot Air.