Vicious Circle 29 – Bug out Bags

Episode 29 Bug out Bags

alan, Unix Jedi, pdb, Breda, aepilotjim and Ambulance Driver discuss the theory and practicality of bug out bags. Why you might need one, how to not be a Mall Ninja about it and when you don’t need one. A semi-serious topic, but we manage to abuse it anyway.

Almost three hours this time, but if you tough it out you’ll hear some great AD stories near the end.

It’s Vicious Circle #29.

Also available in the iTunes store (For Free! What a bargain!)

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2 Responses to Vicious Circle 29 – Bug out Bags

  1. Weer'd Beard says:

    I can’t recollect laughing harder than I just did listening to Kelly talking about intentionally hitting a deer with the ambulance.

    GREAT show, I’m not much of a survivalist, but your BOB discussion was really interesting and smart.

  2. BeeBo_Layski says:

    The mepergan fortis with the anti-puker built in is good stuff for pain, but I keep a fair amount of regular phenergan as well. I figure questionable chow would be the norm in a post-chafe situation, keeping yourself from barfing endlessly if you get a bad bowl of dog-chili seems like a life-improving pill situation.

    And crab-shampoo. I bet zombies and haggard survivors are lousy.

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