Obama's Soccer Game a Lie?

The American Thinker looked into it and found that there was no soccer game on the day Obama slipped the press pool.

Reading the story about President Obama breaking tradition and ditching the presidential press pool over the weekend to watch one of his daughter’s soccer games, it appears harmless, right? Not so. It is rather disturbing when you dissect it. So let’s do just that. According to the Chicago Sun Times, the press pool was to assemble at 11:30AM.

However, Time reported:

The president left the White House at approximately 9:20 to attend one of his daughter’s soccer games at 40th and Chesapeake NW. A pool was hastily called at around 9:35 and drove north at 9:43 to catch the president before the game ended. We didn’t make it. The President returned to the White House at 10:17. The pool returned at 10:30. We now return you to your regularly scheduled pool call time.

Seems simple enough. But the story has several problems. The first one is a biggie in that there were no scheduled soccer games for Sidwell Friends April 10, as evidenced here. The second is that the area reported that the game was played at appears to be one of high crime, as documented here and here.


There are two problems, one being that he lied about where he was and didn’t want the press to find out where he really was. WTF is going on there? The President doesn’t go off somewhere on his own. That’s Hollywood movie BS, not real life. The President doesn’t get to do that and the Secret Service would never allow it.

The second, and worse problem, is that it is such an incompetent lie. Did he think people wouldn’t check?

He’s not even a good liar.

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0 Responses to Obama's Soccer Game a Lie?

  1. Jay G. says:

    He doesn’t have to be a good liar. The supplicant press will eagerly cover his tracks, as evidenced by the tiny amount of press this received.

    As opposed to, say, George Bush’s “plastic turkey”…

  2. Scott says:

    Really, I can’t imagine that Obama, or ANY president, could walk out of the White House, and then be DRIVEN anywhere, without the Secret Service being all over it.
    And then the indignation that the press pool was lied to! Oh the shock! So now the right suddenly actually cares about their poor beloved main stream media’s feelings, Jay G’s “supplicant press” being lied to?

  3. alan says:

    So it’s ok for the President to lie to the press and by extension the people?

    Good to know.

    Nixon will feel better now that you’re on his side.