Guess who just screwed themselves?

Goldman Sachs announces first perfect, no loss from trading, quarter.

Goldman Sachs Group Inc.’s traders made money every single day of the first quarter, a feat the firm has never accomplished before.

And isn’t possible without cheating the system.

Someone got greedy and it couldn’t have come at a worse time for Goldman Sachs.

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0 Responses to Guess who just screwed themselves?

  1. Will Brown says:

    Hard to tell from the article if that’s a true no-individual-trade-lost-money claim or a statistical anamoly – the company posted an average daily profit for the entire quarter. The first would be highly suspicious at best (as you mentioned) and, in the current political environment, making a big deal about even the second possibility doesn’t seem all that bright. Assuming this is actually an example of the latter, there must have been a series of really exciting phone conversations within the G-S management hierarchy yesterday. 🙂

  2. Kevin Baker says:

    Bernie Madoff is trading from his prison cell? And working for G-S?