Helping out AD…

Because he needs to be #1 in something, dammit.

Cycles & More:

… you suck great, big, sweaty donkey testicles.

Your selection is sparse, your prices unreasonable, and your service department is so glacially slow and customer-unfriendly that one wonders if your mechanics and counter help aren’t moonlighting from the DMV.

I am at a loss to explain why anyone owning a Suzuki or Kawasaki motorcyle in southwest Louisiana would bring it to your festering scab of a dealership for service or repair. My only guess is that every bike in that weeks-long queue in your shop belongs to a first-time customer who didn’t know any better.

Well, this one knows better now. I will not darken your door again, and it is my sincere hope that every single time someone Googles the name of your pathetic little excuse for a motorcycle dealership, that this post comes up as the #1 hit.

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