Apple announcement: A big fat meh.

What if Apple gave a product announcement and no one showed up?

I sure didn’t.

Today’s announcement was a yawner. I didn’t even bother to read the after reports, let alone watch the live blogging.

Maybe I got some bad Kool-Aid in the last shipment. I’m just not feeling the love for all things Apple today.

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4 Responses to Apple announcement: A big fat meh.

  1. Joe Huffman says:

    No love for Apple today?

    How about this for an alternative (they brought us champagne and beer at lunch time).

  2. Jay G. says:

    Oh, you’ve got two on order, admit it Alan…

  3. breda says:

    Are you feeling okay?

  4. ZerCool says:

    Plenty of other people showed up for the Jobs love-in.

    I’m very interested in a 32GB Touch, and I’d like to get the Mrs a new Nano … but there are far more pressing things in the budget right now.

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