NATO is Dead

NATO falls apart as Germany pulls troops and ships out of the Mediterranean and allied forces can’t decide who is in charge.

I blame Obama’s lack of leadership.

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3 Responses to NATO is Dead

  1. Kristopher says:

    NATO has been dead for a while.

    It’s time to pull the reforger munitions stocks back to the US, yank our troops out, and just put a stake in NATO and SHAPE and call them dead.

    France and Spain made the US send cargo planes around the south end of Gibraltar, and Turkey flat refused permission to cross with trucks to Iraq.

    Turkey is on the verge of becoming an Islamist state, now that those morons in Europe made the military renounce its old modernization role of preventing theocrats from grabbing power.

    These folks don’t want to be our allies unless they need muscle to remove some offensive wog in their interests zone.

  2. Kristopher says:

    Good lord these spammers are getting more and more stupid …

  3. alan says:


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