Obama: “Let them buy new cars!”

Obama had another Marie Antoinette moment yesterday.

Obama needled one questioner who asked about gas prices, now averaging close to $3.70 a gallon nationwide, and suggested that the gentleman consider getting rid of his gas-guzzling vehicle.

“If you’re complaining about the price of gas and you’re only getting 8 miles a gallon, you know,” Obama said laughingly. “You might want to think about a trade-in.”

Are you fucking kidding me? The solution to high gas prices is to buy a new car?

(Oh yeah, the feds are in the car business now. Makes total sense.)

Of course what is unsaid in all this is the government’s culpability in those high gas prices, directly caused by the Federal Reserve printing money Quantitative Easing to cover the debt run up by the government spending money at a rate that embarrasses drunken sailors.

Obama likes high gas prices. To him it’s a good thing, and not a problem.

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10 Responses to Obama: “Let them buy new cars!”

  1. Jay G. says:

    Wasn’t Carter’s response to rising fuel prices to put on a sweater?

  2. Lissa says:

    “And then let them eat their iPad 2’s – cheaper than the first one, you know!”

  3. mike w. says:

    So the guy asks about gas prices and his response is to tell him to get a new car and then laugh at him?

    What an asshole!

  4. Sumit Khanna says:

    To be fair, he prefaced it with “if you’re getting 8 miles a gallon.” Now he didn’t know if the person who asked was driving a gullzer or a Corolla, so it’s not a fair statement.

    A lot of people have been getting more fuel efficient cars over the past few years. People need to change their habits. Try to live closer to work, vote for more light rail and better mass transit. Personally I’d love to not own a car. I hate driving myself when there are so many other people all ready going where I want to go.

    We also still have some of the cheapest gas in the Westernized world. Europeans pay a lot more, but they don’t notice as much because they can walk and ride just about anywhere on most of the continent.

  5. Bubblehead Les says:

    As a Formerly Drunken Sailor, I am Offended by your comment about…anyway, isn’t it Special that a Man who has not paid for one penny in Fuel Prices since he announced his Candidacy 4 years ago has the balls to tell one of his Bosses to stop driving his “Gas Guzzler”? Hey, Barry, how often are you going to continue jumping into Air Force one in the Morning, blather about nothing important at lunch, then fly home for dinner? You were hired to sit in the Oval Office and handle the Day-to-Day running of the Federal Gov’t, AND NOTHING ELSE! No wonder you came back early and found the Doors locked!

  6. Chris in Texas says:

    I wonder what kind of mileage the presidential limo gets?

    Sumit, you can’t carry a kayak, a dozen two-by-fours, and a half ton of deer corn on a light rail train.

  7. Weer'd Beard says:

    Not to mention that Jay’s beast of a truck gets better than 8 gallons. Probably even when hauling his camper!

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  9. Canthros says:

    Yeah … I’ve been thinking about trading my dinky little car that gets 20mpg (at best–230 horsepower, though) for something with better mileage, but the dinky little riceburner is paid for, in addition to being fun to drive. Unless it’s a straight trade or a total beater, I can buy a lot of gas for whatever another car’s gonna run me.

  10. Jake says:

    A lot of people have been getting more fuel efficient cars over the past few years. People need to change their habits. Try to live closer to work, vote for more light rail and better mass transit.

    I’d love a new car. Who’s going to pay for it?

    Living closer to work? Sadly, that’s not a financially viable option for many, including me.

    Light rail? Mass transit? Those are only financially viable options in certain areas (and often are financial failures even there). My community only has buses because the University set it up, and it’s almost entirely paid for out of student fees. Without that guaranteed source of income, the system would be constantly losing money.

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