Just one question.

Why does Obama’s certificate dated the 8th have a higher number than one dated the 11th?

Seems they should be the other way around.

Of course it could just be a plot to keep the birthers in a tizzy until the next election…

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  1. Earl T says:

    Why does someone named after his “father” bear the designation “II”, when the correct usage leagally is “Jr.”?? That’s something a registrar of Vital Statistics should know by heart!

    I know, I’m a Jr. and my son is a III. My bro, named after our grandpa, is a “II”!

    And what race is “African”? And why isn’t dad’s birthplace listed as “Nairobi, Kenya,” instead of “Kenya, East Africa” Who the f*#k uses ever “East Africa” when describing Kenya anyway???

    Can’t these f*#ked-up forgers hired by BHO’s minions get anything right? This is perfect example of US public school grads, dripping with political correctness!

  2. Retardo says:

    Why would I have used check 1200 before check 1100? Because the numbers were printed on a whole box of checkbooks at the same time, and I pulled them out of the box in the wrong order.

    Quite likely the blank forms were printed and numbered at some central location and distributed to hospitals. If the numbers were printed on them at the time of use, you’d need a system to prevent hospitals stepping on each other’s numbers. Much easier to print ’em all up sequentially and distribute the numbers that way. The number’s just an arbitrary unique identifier.

    So I hypothesize there was a pile of blank forms somewhere at the hospital, and they weren’t kept in perfect order.

    This is more than just plausible; it’s What Occam Would Assume, as far as I can see.

  3. Bubblehead Les says:

    Earl T: According to my 2009 World Almanac and Book of Facts, the Nation- State of Kenya did not come into existence until 12 Dec, 1963, 4 years after the Communist- Sponsored Mau Mau uprising ended, and 2 years after Barry was born. So in 1961, it was still part of the British Empire and it was called “East Africa”. Now we know Barry’s Grandfather used to be a Mau Mau Terrorist, and was “Harshly Interrogated” by the British Army, but he lived through it. I’m not sure, but I think Barry’s Daddy also was Mau Mau, but he was able to sneek over here when Hawaii was just a U.S. Territory, and he laid low when it became a State. But then he met Barry’s 17 year old mother, and one thing led to another….. Hope this helps with that part of the paperwork.

  4. alan says:

    Those aren’t preprinted numbers. They are clearly stamped with one of those rotary number stampers that used to be common everywhere in the pre-computer era.

    That is a file number, so having it preprinted would make no sense at all.

  5. Joe Huffman says:

    My hypothesis to explain the out of order certificates is they were processed in batches and the newer one was closer to the top of the stack.

  6. alan says:

    That would make sense. Easy to verify too, just look at the certificates in proximity to that number and see if they are sequential in reverse date order.

  7. Oakenheart says:


    Denninger thinks it’s a fake. I’d say his evidence is pretty good. Some pretty sad Adobe skills are evident in that document. even if it is legitimate, they sue made it look fake as all hell when they made the .pdf

  8. Jess says:

    What I find interesting is the paper pattern extends past the photocopy. I’ve never seen that with any photocopy.

    Personally, I think it’s as insulting as spitting on my shoe. If it was such an easy thing to do, why did it take so long? I’m thinking the arrogant bastards have crossed the line.

  9. Gunmart says:

    The fonts also look different on the “date accepted by” in the lower right hand corner

  10. ASM826 says:

    For that matter, if you’re comparing them, why does Pr. Obama’s look so new?

  11. Adriaen says:

    Did you notice that the hospital address is incorrect on Obama’s birth certificate? And in 1961, the race box on the document would have said either Negro or colored. Terminology did not change until the black power movement much later in the decade, 1967 or 68.

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