Keystone Cops

They look like a bunch of mall ninjas playing dress up. I’d say they were a joke but shooting at an innocent man 71 times is no joke, it’s sick.

CNN is reporting that Guerena was hit 22 times. I thought the initial report of 60 hits sounded off because cops just aren’t good shots. 22 out of 70 is more in line with typical police shootings.

This needs to stop.

Stop the us vs them attitude.

Stop raiding houses.

Stop letting police get away with murder.

End the War On Drugs.

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3 Responses to Keystone Cops

  1. jetaz says:

    Amen. End the War on (some) Drugs. And try these buffoons for 1st Degree Murder.

  2. Old NFO says:

    This is truly beyond the pale… It HAS to stop, before there is truly a war on the home front. And they are spinning this every way they can!!!

  3. John says:

    Please note,
    The victim, a veteran, had the control, professionalism and courage to NOT return fire when he realized that the intruders were police officers. These qualities were not possessed by any member of the SWAT team.
    May God have mercy on them.

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