Children should be seen and not heard.

Oh the angst. The world weary soul dribbling out wise words.

Uh huh.

“recent Columbia University graduate”

Sorry kid, call me when you’ve actually HAD a life.

Faux wisdom from someone still wet behind the ears isn’t cute.

You don’t know nothin’ yet.

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16 Responses to Children should be seen and not heard.

  1. Azul says:

    Faux wisdom isn’t cute from anyone; age doesn’t have a thing to do with it.

    As a “child” that will be dribbling out whatever sort of wise words I want, I’m going to have to give ya an obligatory “fuck you” for the agist bullshit.

  2. Mike W says:

    I’m only 25. You gonna tell me the same thing Alan?…

  3. alan says:

    If you start trotting out stuff like that article I damn sure will!

  4. pdb says:

    And get offa my lawn, Matlock’s on!

  5. breda says:

    Let’s leave the book fetishist alone so she can sniff her paperbacks in peace, shall we?

  6. alan says:

    And that would be where?

    (Edit: This comment was in response to Azul’s comment above. I turned off nesting because it looked like crap.)

  7. Borepatch says:

    My first reaction was , “Dude, that’s harsh.”

    Then I read the damn thing. She’s not a “recent Columbia University grad”, she’s a “recent Columbia University grad who is an apprentice farmer.”

    So …. after mummie and daddie dropped what would buy you a decent house in most of the country, she’s doing what she could have done when she was 18, before dropping a quarter mil into a degree she didn’t need? Ya know, mummie and daddie could have bought her a farm for that.

    You were far too kind to her, Alan. Nothing she says should be listened to. She should sit down in the back of the room and shut up: grownups are talking here. And mummie and daddie should sit down and shut up with her.

  8. Azul says:

    Where is what? The agism or the ‘obligatory “fuck you”?’

    The ‘obligatory “fuck you”‘ is in my original reply, second line from the bottom.

    The agism is all over your original post. Certainly Miss. Barbour is very silly, but I’ve heard the sort of silliness that she was spouting more often from people that may call you a “child.” Age doesn’t have a thing to do with it.

    You say that she hasn’t yet “had a life” and that she doesn’t “know nothin’ yet.” Do you assume that by continuing to exist for a few decades more that she will come to “know somethin’?” I personally doubt it. Do you attribute your “knowing somethin'” to the length of your existence or to the kind of life that you have led?

  9. alan says:

    No, where will you be dribbling? Blog? Newspaper? Magazine? Or do you just dribble in comments of what other people write?

  10. Azul says:

    Mostly in comments of what other people write and I seldom do that, but I don’t really see what that has to do with anything. If this offends you and you would rather me not comment on your blog, I will honor that. It is YOUR blog. You can even delete my comments if your wish. I would lose a great deal of respect for you, but I doubt that you care about that. And I believe I would lose respect for you if you did care.
    By the way, your blog and others have been very valuable to me throughout my formative years, so I meant the ‘obligatory fuck you’ entirely respectfully.

  11. alan says:

    I’m not offended at all, I just wondered if you had a blog. Perhaps you should. You made a good point about a few more decades not helping the author.

    As for the ageist charge, perhaps. But it’s more likely that I was a know-it-all kid who lacked life experience myself and I recognize it when I see it in others.

    A few decades helped me. I think. :/

    On second thought 2040 Alan will probably think 2011 Alan is an idiot too.

  12. alan says:

    OK, this nesting thing looks like crap. I’m turning it off.

  13. I think you are being a bit too harsh on this gal, Alan. She certainly has a right to her opinion, just as you have a right to disagree with her.

    I think she has a point to make that is important to HER, and five, ten years ago, I totally agreed with her.

    Of course, now you’d have to pry my Kindle out of my cold, dead hands.

    And hey, she made a few bucks with that article, which is nothing to sneeze at.

  14. Azul says:

    I have one now. I had never really thought about making one, but I guess it might be fun. Stop by sometime and leave me a “fuck you” if you care to.

  15. Farm.Dad says:

    apprentice farmer OMFG what a label for a groupie at a hippie commune.

  16. Link P says:

    My comment got wordy, so I turned it into a post.

    Physical Media Is Dead. Long Live Physical Media.

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