The dead horse that wasn’t beaten

I’ve seen a lot of dead things on the road in Texas but this was my first dead horse.

We thought about getting a stick and beating it, but decided the arrest report wouldn’t look good, especially with a carload of guns.

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9 Responses to The dead horse that wasn’t beaten

  1. joat says:

    The pun it hurts.

  2. Borepatch says:

    Huh. Thomas Friedman from the New York Times must have been around talking about the need for more “stimulus” or something …

  3. kx59 says:

    No erudite comment, just laughing my effing ass off

  4. OH my god, that’s so funny!

  5. Riley says:

    I am disappointed it wasn’t wrapped in duck tape. Where is Weerd when you really need him…

  6. Pickdog says:

    That is funny right there! Prudent move though 😉

  7. MrSatyre says:

    Never forget the time I was barreling through the backwoods of MD back in the 90’s and nearly wiped out at an intersection where a dismembered horse carcass was scattered all over the place. There was very little blood, and there was also no one around to be seen. I can only imagine it was an old horse that had died somewhere, been chainsawed up, and was being hauled away, and somehow fell out of the back of the truck without the driver noticing.

  8. mike w. says:

    Are you sure it was dead, or just a zombie horse!?

  9. alan says:

    It was stiff and unmoving. I’m going with not a zombie for now.

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