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Monday Self Censorship

Good luck with that. If you refused administrative punishment and requested a court-martial you’ll be breaking rocks for a few years. Says the beta male. Oh yeah, milk that franchise. Yes, actually, I do think I’m better than you. LOL! … Continue reading

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Are you sure about that?

The latest email from the NRA claims that the convention floor in Houston will have “600 of the most Spectacular Displays in the World!” Somehow I am not convinced. Will they have an NRA Wine bar there too?

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Report from Lala land

The 2012 peace index is out. All you need to know about it is here: “The USPI is the first national peace index produced by the Institute for Economics and Peace. Similar in concept to the Global Peace Index (GPI), … Continue reading

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Cow Truck

I saw this in the Walmart parking lot last weekend. It has horns, fur, a nose and a nose ring. I won’t say, “Only in Texas” but I’m not sure where else you’d see one. I hope it moos when … Continue reading

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Fed gone wild?

In the last few years the Federal Reserve has loaned trillions of dollars to banks, many of them foreign. The GAO report isn’t an easy read, and it’s layered with ass covering (We were audited! See? It’s all ok.) but … Continue reading

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Force = Opportunity?

This is an interesting slip of the tongue. Leslie Paige, who represents watchdog group Citizens Against Government Waste, says the government should withdraw the dollar bill from the market and force Americans to use the coins. “I think Americans will … Continue reading

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“Let’s change the standard and see if anyone complains.”

This seems like a really bad idea. A yearlong experiment with the nation’s electric grid could mess up traffic lights, security systems and some computers — and make plug-in clocks and appliances like programmable coffeemakers run up to 20 minutes … Continue reading

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The dead horse that wasn’t beaten

I’ve seen a lot of dead things on the road in Texas but this was my first dead horse. We thought about getting a stick and beating it, but decided the arrest report wouldn’t look good, especially with a carload … Continue reading

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Federal Judge out of control in Texas

I’m not a religious person, in fact I think religion is silly superstition. But I don’t like football, basketball, NASCAR or any other spectator sport either. But if there ever was a time when good, old fashioned civil disobedience was … Continue reading

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QOTD: Marketing Fail

“So, sure…I understand gunbunnies. Or Sniper Babes, or Hot Shots, or Ammo Girls…or whatever you want to call them. Paid to be the pretty giggle and jiggle that will hopefully hypnotize gun nuts into forking over cash. If a little … Continue reading

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