What the hell WordPress?

WP 3.2:

“Let’s change everything around again only this time use a hideous font!”

I am disappoint.

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9 Responses to What the hell WordPress?

  1. TJP says:

    Really?! I thought the WordPress interface was consistently onerous and hideous from the very first version. How bad is it now?

  2. Weer'd Beard says:

    Yeah I don’t think much of it either

  3. Carrie says:

    I wasn’t lazy not updating. No, it was all part of my brilliant and prescient plan.

  4. Stingray says:

    Let’s also take the most useful link on the dashboard, the “view all” on the comments preview, and make that go right the fuck away! It’ll be awesome!

  5. I’m so glad I’m using Drupal for my blog. I’m a bit disappointed currently in the latest incarnation “7”. 6 actually considerably more feature rich and powerful and the fact that Live Writer doesn’t work at all with 7 down right annoys me, actually it doesn’t have any BlogAPI support currently. 6 is a bit annoying that some of the Drupal features aren’t integrated into the WLW plugin so it’s not as streamlined as it could be. Each has it’s upsides and down sides.

    I’ve been helping some friends with their WordPress stuff on their site and my latest annoyance was when the WordPress auto update tanked their admin pages. The thing with WordPress is it’s utterly simple and has a much larger user base.

  6. Weer'd Beard says:

    Stingray, they also got rid of the “Add New Post” button at the top of the dashboard.

    Lousy update all around.

  7. bluesun says:

    Oh crap. And here I was thinking about trying to switch from blogger.

  8. alan says:

    It’s still better than blogger.

  9. Morris says:

    Programmers are like engineers, they can’t keep their hands off – they can’t help changing things around which breaks things which then have to be fixed. Hey, at least it keeps THEM happy. Hehe.

    As for Blogger, anythings better than it.

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