The end of Android

Mired in patent wars and ripped apart by a royalty feeding frenzy.

No one cared when it was another open source experiment from Google. Now that it’s the #1 selling mobile phone platform everyone wants a piece of the pie.

That may prove to be Android’s undoing.

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6 Responses to The end of Android

  1. Silverevilchao says:

    Great, I’ll be stuck with stupid, locked-down Apple iPhones for the rest of my life…bah. >:/

  2. steelghost says:

    Maybe this can bring to the public’s eye that the Patent Process is broken. The Patent office no longer has the capability to differentiate between new and relabeled, and likely hasn’t for a long time. Many patents are stolen or abused because there are any lawyers that don’t understand what they are protecting. Secondly the Patent Office receives more filings than it’s staff can handle, both in volume and intellect. Mabel will reform, it will just have a different name or two.

  3. Ian Argent says:

    FUD. All of the players know how the patent cross-licensing game is played, even apple. This is kabuki theater designed to get the actors the best starting positions when they sit down at the table.

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  5. alan says:

    Yep. that’s one way to eliminate the problem.

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