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16 Responses to SQUIRREL!

  1. mike w. says:

    wrap it in bacon, then serve to jihadists!

  2. teke says:

    VC does have it’s benefits.

  3. DaddyBear says:

    I hate squirrels!

  4. McThag says:

    Gunner! coax tree-rat in the open!

  5. 45er says:

    I’m with Robert. That’s very Chippie looking.

  6. alan says:

    It’s an Indian Palm Squirrel. Funambulus palmarum

  7. seeker_two says:

    Where’s the gravy?….

  8. Saw plenty of those when I was in Bangalore several years ago. They do move more like chipmunks, and less “hoppy” than Eastern Grey Squirrels, like I’m more used to.

  9. 45er says:

    Eeesh. Even squirrels are being outsourced now.

  10. jimmie says:

    About an hour north of where I live there’s a town called Hendersonville nc where they have white squirrels.

  11. Borepatch says:


    Oh, wait – there isn’t one. 🙁

    But 45er wins teh Intarwebz anyway.

  12. 45er says:

    So, I’m assuming it’s the Squirrel Report podcast. I can’t imagine it being a coincidence.

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