Fences next?

I bet the politicians who don’t want a fence on the border to keep people out would be just fine with one to keep people in.

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10 Responses to Fences next?

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  2. Tam says:

    Heh. Yup, that was exactly my reaction when I heard Schumer’s name in connection with this…

  3. mike w. says:

    Quit giving them ideas Alan!…

  4. rick says:

    We don’t need fences, that what the TSA is for!

  5. Weer'd Beard says:

    Quit giving them Ideas?

    They’re following the Socialist playbook that’s over 100 years old now.

    Socialism only works when they turn the nation into a prison. Just look at all the French Million and Billionaires fleeing that sinking ship!

  6. Kristopher says:

    ABC has turned off comments … heh.

  7. mike w. says:

    Of course they turned off comments…. 1st step to socialist utopia is to control the narrative.

  8. Brad says:

    This piece of legislation will die quietly once the appropriate campaign contributions have been made… This is simply a saber rattling shake down.

  9. Old NFO says:

    Yep, Chuck U Shumer is heading that way… Among others…

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