Another reason to put the lid down.

Act One:

I’m staying in an apartment (for another few days anyway) while I’m in Philadelphia working on The Project. And since I’m a guy and there usually aren’t any women about I leave the seat up.

Act Two:

I read books. A lot of books. Ebooks.

I use a PDA and I usually keep a few hundred books on it at any given time. It’s small, the screen is great and I always have it with me if I need to read something.

Act Three: (Can you see where this is going yet?)

The other day I set the PDA on the sink and then accidentally bumped it. It jumped straight into the toilet. (fortunately there was nothing else in there) I swear, I reached in there and grabbed it without even thinking and I had the battery out in less than a second. I dried it off as best I could and set it on the dresser to dry out.

The next day I put a different battery in and turned it on. Flicker… Flicker… Dark. Crap.

In the mean time I had pulled the SD card and it still worked so I didn’t loose anything. I back everything up anyway, but still, it’s nice to not have to buy a new card.

Act Four:

This afternoon, I gave it another try and SUCCESS! It seems to work fine.

I think I’ll buy another off Ebay as a backup though.

And I’m leaving that seat down too.

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