iPhone Update

Yes, I love it more every day, despite it’s flaws.  Or maybe it’s the flaws that are the reason I love it.

My previous phone, an HTC 6700 is impossible to use in sunlight.   The iPhone works great in the sun.

The HTC 6700 is bulky and wastes space with a keyboard I NEVER USED.   The iPhone is slim, and has no keyboard.

The HTC 6700 requires a manual reset at least once a day when Windows Mobile 5 locks up.   The iPhone does not lock up.

The HTC 6700 has a battery life measured in minutes, not hours.   Even with a larger battery it doesn’t last a day of my normal use.   The iPhone lasts two days of my normal use.

When iPhone lovers point out flaws in the phone it’s because they know it can (and will) be better.  The iPhone, despite flaws, is still far beyond any other phone on the market now.

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