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Note to Apple:

In 2007 the “i” in iPhone was a nice little nod to the Internet in your pocket while fooling the people into thinking you were selling a phone. Now that it’s 2013 you can drop the gag and stop calling … Continue reading

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Doc In A Box

You just thought that was a smartphone. It’s not. It’s a doc in a box.

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Mall Ninja Alert, iThingy edition

This looks like a really dumb idea. Military-grade optics meet iPhone and iPad via US Night Vision and Special Operations Apps Strapping a night vision scope onto an iThingy? Because nothing says covert like your face lit up from the … Continue reading

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iPhone video puzzle

This is so cool!

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No new iPhone this summer?

The Apple rumor mill is churning over reports that Apple will not release a new iPhone this summer like they have every year since 2007. I think that’s a huge mistake. With new Android phones every six months, Apple can’t … Continue reading

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iPhone: 1000 foot drop test

Don’t try this at home.(via TUAW) Airman Walker’s duties as a jump master require him to ensure that his aircraft is the the proper location before sending parachute jumpers into the air. One week ago (on March 16), he stuck … Continue reading

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The decline and fall of the telephone

I think this is right. At work, unless something requires immediate attention, communication is through email or IM. Calls are scheduled ahead of time and I have never checked voice mail on my office phone. My cell phone voice minutes … Continue reading

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iPhone ECG

Is there anything the iPhone can’t do?

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Prediction: Verizon iPhone will be LTE

I still say a CDMA iPhone makes no sense for Apple. Since Verizon is turning on LTE in cities now, I think the Verizon iPhone will be LTE and not CDMA. It will also come out the same time as … Continue reading

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Googlephone II: The Google Strikes Back

I really like the iPhone and I haven’t felt much need to try Android. I think Android is a viable competitor to Apple but neither Android nor the hardware it runs on have been up to the iPhone level. That … Continue reading

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