New Jersey and Philadelphia conspire to cut down on my range time

Back home in Texas the only gun problem I have (other than deciding which one I’m going to buy next) is finding a place to shoot my SMG. Many ranges don’t allow them for liability reasons and the ones that do are expensive and over regulated. Fortunately I have some land in East Texas, less than two hours away, where I can have a shooting weekend when the full auto jones gets too unbearable.

Not the case in Philadelphia. Or New Jersey, where my hotel is.

While Philadelphia is in Pennsylvania, which has CHL reciprocity with Texas, the city considers itself immune from the state preemption law and is known for arresting and/or harassing law abiding gun owners.

Of course New Jersey is even worse. New Jersey and Pennsylvania cops enjoy a game where the PA cops arrest people coming back across the bridges with NJ beer, wine and liquor and NJ cops arrest people coming from PA to buy beer, wine and liquor but forgot to leave their gun at home.

All good clean fun.

If I wasn’t staying in New Jersey, I would probably at least bring my carry gun up here because PA does have some nice ranges once you get outside of Philadelphia.

Needless to say I’ve been neglecting my range time while I’ve been up here in Yankee land.

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