New Sidebar Links

I added a new links category for vendors I recommend. If I list a vendor there it means I’ve used them more than once and they’ve provided a great product and exceptional service.

The first two on the list are:

Comp-Tac a great source for holsters and magazine holders. I recommend the excellent C-T.A.C IWB Holster. They also make a great belt holster that I use for IDPA.

Of course you’ll need a great belt for that new holster, and the second link, The Belt Man makes the best gun belts the best belts I’ve ever seen. I never gave belts much thought, I used to just buy whatever was in the department store. Then last year I stumbled on a link to The Belt Man and bought one 1.5 inch bullhide belt to hang my Comp-TAC IWB on. I lack the words to describe the perfection embodied in this belt. I ordered another to wear with my business casual because I couldn’t stand to wear another department store belt.

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