Help out Red's Trading Post

The Red’s Trading Post case is going to trial after the judge denied the ATF’s motion for summary judgment.

Ryan Horsley, Red’s manager says:

“I am of course bouncing off the walls in excitement, it has been nearly a year now that the ATF moved to revoke our license after 72 years in business. At question in our case is the ATF’s definition of the word WILLFUL; they claim that we WILLFULLY committed .4% clerical errors. Another Federal Judge in North Carolina recently questioned the ATF’s definition of willful and moved another dealers case to trial as well.

While I am excited, we now move to court and our legal bills will now grow considerably. We are flying one of our attorneys in from Virginia. We are now sitting at $115,000 in legal fees to defend this.”

They have a link to a page where you can donate to a legal defense fund, but they’d really rather you buy a gun.

If you’re in the market for a new gun or two, and given the way the 08 election is shaping up – YOU SHOULD BE , then take a look and see if you can help Red’s Trading Post.

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