Tampa Tomorrow, Minneapolis and Pittsburgh next week

A whirlwind visit to Tampa. Florida.

I’ll be in Tampa tomorrow, for the day only. I’ll be up at OMG:30 to drive to DFW, catch the first flight of the day. Then it’s survey the stadium, and then on the evening flight back to DFW.

I’ll be in Minneapolis next week. I wonder if James Lileks would let me crash on the sofa at Jasperwood? (Probably not… Not to worry I’ve already reserved a room at the fine Holiday Inn in Burnsville, wherever that is.)

After that, it’s off to Pittsburgh via Chicago. Believe it or not, there are very few direct flights between Minneapolis and Pittsburgh.

I’ll probably get snowed in.

I think Kevin Smith will still be filming his new movie in Pittsburgh when I’m there. Maybe I can find the location in my copious spare time. (While I’m snowed in)

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