Why your favorite TV show always gets canceled

It’s a common lament on teh Interw3bs. Someone’s favorite TV show is being canceled so they’re trying to generate a write in campaign to save the show. Inevitably the show is canceled and there is much wailing and gnashing of teeth from the fans. So why are your favorite shows canceled?

There are a couple of things going on. First, most shows get canceled. You only notice when the ones you watch get canceled. Second, TV networks are in business to make money. They have a finite resource in program time slots and they don’t know ahead of time which ones will be hits.

Any show at any time can get viewers. So it’s in a network’s best interests to cycle a lot of shows through to see if any stick. Your favorite show might have a few million viewers, but if any show can get a few million viewers, then to a network any one show is as good as another. If your favorite can’t do better, then they might as well try another that might be a hit. Rinse and repeat.

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