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My new favorite song.

CollegeHumor's Favorite Funny Videos

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Self Censorship

It’s a short list. Some things can’t be said, even here. LOL! That’s so adorable. Go on thinking that. People still do that? Awesome! Do you get a discount on ammo? It’s not about the gay thing, it’s about the … Continue reading

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Top 20 most played songs on the iPhone this month

Here’s a list. My top 20 most played songs on the iPhone this month. (I only listen to it in the car, if that makes a difference) Title – Artist 1. Beatbox – The Sounds 2. Boomdeyada – Olga Nunes … Continue reading

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Something doesn’t smell right here…

How does this: Plus this: Equal this: Makes no sense, but then I never bought into the whole left/right thing anyway. The quiz is here.

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This is interesting…

Based on a comment at SayUncle I made a screen recording of this: Here is a .mov if you want to see it bigger: redirects to I can’t think of a legitimate reason that a bad virtual directory … Continue reading

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Smoking Blunder

One thing I really like about the Internet is the way it has of hauling douchebags out into the sunlight where everyone can mock them. UPDATE: The douchebag in question just doubled down by calling Breda a “cranky female blogger”. … Continue reading

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I think I see the problem here…

“The point of being in jail is not to mistreat people or make them feel worse and resentful,” —Marion Damick No, the point of jail to keep criminals off the streets. But they shouldn’t be better off in jail… The … Continue reading

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Maybe you just suck at this.

If no one reads your blog (or links to it) which is more likely, that there is a secret blacklist conspiracy against you OR you just suck and aren’t interesting? Yeah, it must be a blacklist.

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The Telegraph says Strauss-Kahn’s “…lawyer has already indicated he plans to argue that there was consent.” Consent? From a maid? I thought there was no such thing as consensual sex between people with unequal power relations. Crickets from the left … Continue reading

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Watch out Pittsburgh, here I come.

I’m packing for the great Gunblogger meetup in Pittsburgh. See you there! (or not)

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