Happy 150K!

My truck turned 150K today!

And the check engine light turned on.


Every now and then I’m asked why I drive a truck instead of a smaller, more fuel efficient vehicle.

Because I like my truck.

Because I need a truck to carry stuff.

Because it’s the state vehicle of Texas.

But most of all because it’s paid for, and has been for years. And it doesn’t make sense to buy a NEW car just to save a little money on gas.

Let’s say I drive 1000 miles a month. At 15 miles to the gallon, that’s $200 a month.

So I want to buy a car that will double my gas mileage. A quick trip the tiny foreign car dealer, and $25,000 later. I’ve magically saved myself $100 a month in gas. WOOT!

But, I’ve also got myself a $500 a month car payment now.

To save $100 a month on gas.

Thanks, I’ll stick with the truck.

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0 Responses to Happy 150K!

  1. Deese says:

    What year is your truck? When “Check Engine” lights were first added, all they did to trigger then was to add a little cam onto the odometer so it would trigger every so many miles. If so, there’s a switch somewhere to reset the light. My ’86 Dodge D-50 had a little slide switch on the back side of the instrument panel printed circuit board. When the light came on every fifty thousand miles it could be switched off by putting the switch in the other position.

  2. alan says:

    It’s a 98. It’s computer controlled, but I have the interface box to the computer so turning it off it easy.