Living Science Fiction

I’m sitting in first class looking out the window, while the pilot dodges cloud tops at 30,000 feet. I’m listening to my iPod with noise canceling head phones and writing a blog post on my iPhone.

It may seem mundane but to my grandfather it would have been science fiction. Personal music and video players? Passenger jet travel in the stratosphere? Instant world wide communications?

Sub orbital passenger shuttles are late coming, and I’ve been perpetually 30 years away from living on the moon since I watched Neil hop around in grainy black and white in 1969. On the other hand, my last five jobs didn’t exist anywhere before I did them and we have a world wide, unmediated communications network that no one predicted.

When I landed at DFW this afternoon I saw a small squadron of ATA airplanes parked at the Delta maintenance hanger, and I wondered what was going on. As soon as I checked the RSS feed page on my iPhone, I saw Roberta’s post on ATA shutting down. Question answered before officially asked.

Sounds like scifi to me.

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