WP 2.5 :(

I’m with Squeaky. The new admin interface in WordPress 2.5 is a huge step in the wrong direction in terms of usability.

Twice now I’ve created new pages instead of new posts because the new page button is next to the new post button and they look the same. Since it’s a BLOG and you POST on a blog, you would think the NEW POST button would need some small amount of priority and something as unused as the new page button would be hidden somewhere.

Also, you can no longer change the geometry of the post editor window and there is a stupid scroll bar at the bottom of the window I can’t make go away. I have to scroll around on the page more just to edit a post. And the whole Save, Publish, Preview mess over on the right is confusing.

That new add media pop up is a disaster too.   I keep getting an error message ” Specified file failed upload test.” when I add a new picture, but the file did upload and it’s there in the gallery.

It looks like someone changed the interface just to be changing it.  There’s no new functionality that I can see, and it’s much more confusing and difficult to use.

What were you thinking WordPress? Can we have the old admin interface back please?

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