Back Home For The Weekend

Back home from Newark, NJ. Actually it was three days in East Rutherford, NJ home of Giant’s Stadium. I think.

To tell you the truth, I never really know what town I’m in when I’m in New Jersey. They kinda run together and I’m pretty sure my hotel was in a different city from the stadium although they are less than a mile apart.

This was the view out my hotel room window.

If that tree hadn’t been there I would have had a nice view of Manhattan Island.

Next week my tour of US pleasure cities continues with Detroit!

Then the week after that I’ll be visiting Philadelphia for a day. (I spent most of last year there and didn’t get shot, maybe I’ll get lucky and my streak will continue.)

After that I get a break and hit the other coast for San Diego. Unfortunately it looks like American doesn’t fly non-stop from Philadelphia to San Diego, so I’ll either have to change planes in Dallas or Chicago, or give up the miles and fly some other airline that does have a non-stop.

Have I complained about how much air travel sucks lately?

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