Blogger Day at Boomershoot 2009

Joe Huffman has announced Boomershoot 2009 Gun Blogger Day.

If you’re a gun blogger, or maybe even act like on on TV, (He let me in) Joe will let you come to the Boomershoot the day before the event:

“…I have decided to make Thursday April 23rd 2009 Boomershoot Gun Blogger Day. On this day gun bloggers will be given media credentials and a special behind the scenes tour of and participation in Boomershoot 2009. If the individuals involved want to actually mix explosives and package the targets they will need to fill out some paperwork at least a couple months in advance. This paperwork will be submitted to the ATF and if the ATF approves it these individuals will be allowed to actually make explosives and reactive targets. If individuals do not wish to submit the paperwork then they will still be allowed to observe target manufacturing and participate in all the other activities.

Other activities planned for Gun Blogger Day will include discussions of explosive chemistry, alternate materials for explosives, target detonation theory, fireball target construction, the history and future of Boomershoot, Boomershoot safety, Why Boomershoot, “entertainingly close” detonation of targets by the participants and almost any other safe and legal activity related to guns and explosives the participants can think of.”

Despite the ninny nanny state PSH over explosives, blowing stuff up is a celebrated American pastime. It wasn’t too long ago that anvil shooting was a 4th of July tradition and making gunpowder was a standard exercise in chemistry sets. There are some things that are just FUN and don’t really need any other excuse.

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