A Rifle for Boomershoot

Boomershoot is getting near and I still need a rifle, so I bought a Remington 700 5-R I found at the local merchant of death.

All my previous long range (> 100 yards) shooting has been wth ARs in .223 and I was looking for something with a little more punch at 500+ yards.   I decided on .308 because I’ve shot 300 mag and it’s not pleasant after 100 rounds or so.  

I thought seriously about a match M1a but it would have blown my budget.  With the 5-R at $1000, I still have room in the budget for a good scope.  (Budget: Rifle, optics and bipod under $2000)

I’ll use a Harris Bipod, but I haven’t decided on a scope yet.


UPDATE: I decided on a scope and ordered it this morning. Just got an email saying it’s back ordered until the 19th. Why am I not getting a “good*” scope? Because I want to see how accurate the rifle is before I buy a scope that might be better than the rifle shoots.

*Good defined as scopes costing more than $1500.

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