Pistol Class This Weekend

I’m taking this class this weekend.

Gordon Carrell is reputed to be a very good instructor. I saw him shoot at the Texas State IDPA Championship this year and he is quite the expert with the pistol.

Now I just need to source 2000 rounds of .40 before the weekend. Given the current delays, mail order is out which means local and probably not cheap.

UPDATE: Class has been postponed until December.

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0 Responses to Pistol Class This Weekend

  1. pdb says:

    That looks like an excellent class. I would really be interested in a detailed review of that one.

    I’ve done mostly ‘fighting with a gun’ classes so far. I going to try to take some pure shooting classes to further develop my skills.

    Locally, ammo isn’t too bad. I can still pick up brass cased 9mm for $8.95/50. If you don’t already own a 9mm XD, this would be a good excuse. 🙂

  2. alan says:

    Yes, reviews will be posted.

    I’ve been thinking about going to 9mm for IDPA for a while, but all my gun funds are tied up in EBRs and ESRs (Evil Sniper Rifles) at the moment.

    The XD 9mm would shoot almost exactly like the .40 I have now, so there’s really no reason, other than money, to do it. Ammo savings alone would pay for it.