Keep paying your taxes so we can keep not protecting you.

Quote of the day from Garry Reed:

“You must pay your taxes to us so we can protect you from crime, except of course we can’t protect you from crime since our money and manpower are being used to protect more important people elsewhere in the city, like District Commanders and Police Chiefs and Mayors and University Professors, and we certainly don’t want you to protect yourself because we are all hoplophobes* so what you should do is play useless warm fuzzy feel-good politician-approved games like creating activities for children and lobbying legislators and increasing funding for job training programs and economic development which serves only to perpetuate the myth that politicians are important but otherwise does absolutely nothing about today’s thugs who are beating and carjacking and robbing and raping you. And, by the way, you must keep paying your taxes to us so we can keep not protecting you.”

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