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The cat is so very out of the bag now

Thanks to the Streisand effect, the Defense Distributed Liberator is getting more publicity than ever. You would think that someone at the State Department would remember the PGP T-Shirt. Knowing something can be done is usually all it takes to … Continue reading

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Run, Hide, Fight

A surprisingly good video from The City of Houston.

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The Gingrich Doctrine

“…a treaty that extends the right to bear arms as a human right for every person on the planet.” Of course every person on the planet already HAS a right to bear arms. It’s just that most governments deny that … Continue reading

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I’m not a sheep dog

Sheep dogs are someone’s property and they help control other property. It sounds like a liberal’s fantasy of society. You know, the flock carefully tended and controlled with the sheep dog doing the master’s bidding. No thanks. I only plan … Continue reading

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QOTD: Weer’d Thoughts on Lethal Force

I will not kill somebody over my property, but somebody willing to threaten me FOR my property is willing to kill me no matter what I do. I WILL kill over that. —Weerd Beard I like his thinking, but I … Continue reading

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Indiana Supreme Court shreds Constitution

The Indiana Supreme Court has decided that Indiana residents do not have a right to resist unlawful police entry into their homes. Overturning a common law dating back to the English Magna Carta of 1215, the Indiana Supreme Court ruled … Continue reading

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Situational Awareness Win

Creepy guy is creepy, stalkee refuses victim role. There are a some of great lessons here. It can happen to anyone, anywhere, so pay attention. When that little voice tells you something is off, pay attention. Don’t rely on someone … Continue reading

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Anti-Gunners are gimp hating bigots

Mike W. on anti-gun gimp hate: If you only have one leg how the hell are you supposed to run away? If you’re wheelchair bound how are you supposed to duke it out with someone ablebodied? Anti-gunners don’t care. Read … Continue reading

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Question of the day

“Is your life worth your life?”

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Shooting in defense of beer!

Sumdood steals a guys beer, guy shoots Sumdood. Cops say legally justified. If I couldn’t live in Texas, I guess Arizona would be almost as good.

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