Morning at the range

Last weekend I discovered that I shoot better right handed than left handed.   That is weird because I am, in fact, left handed.   

This morning at the range I alternated hands each magazine and I still do slightly better at punching holes in paper with the right hand.   My theory is that I haven’t spent a lifetime developing bad muscle memory habits with my right hand.  

Here are the final two strings of the day.  (rounds 280-300)

Left handed at 7 yards:


And right handed at 7 yards:


Neither are bad, but the right handed one is noticeably tighter.   

Now I’m seriously considering getting a right handed holster and doing an IDPA match right handed.

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0 Responses to Morning at the range

  1. Old NFO says:

    Nice shooting! I’d check the sights, as it appears they are slightly off. Either that, or you pushed every single shot left handed, which I doubt.

  2. alan says:

    I very well could have pushed each shot with the left hand. The right hand group is centered and I was using the same sight picture on both targets.

  3. Ride Fast says:

    Are you left or right eye dominate? Makes a big difference.