17 Days to Boomershoot!

Bore sighted the .308 today. I’ll hit the range this week (I hope) to get it sighted-in.

Started making my list.

Trying to stay minimalist for the trip. But I am taking the Macbook Pro and the Eee. This is a blogging trip for the purpose of blogging about boomershoot. So Internet access and computer are kinda critical.

I thought about taking an AR too, but decided one rifle was enough and Joe says the .223 isn’t good a making boomers go boom anyway.

Hmmm… XD .40 or Para P-14 .45. Decisions, decisions.

I’m NOT taking a bench, but I am taking a shooting mat.

It would be nice if there wasn’t all that global warming all over the ground up there.

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0 Responses to 17 Days to Boomershoot!

  1. Go in style. Bring the P-14.

  2. Ry Jones says:

    Joe says 223 isn’t good beyond the tree line (400 yards). They work fine at the treeline.