No I will not be celebrating Cinco de Mayo

YAY! The Mexican army defeated the French army in a battle almost 150 years ago but other than that so what? It’s not even an official holiday in Mexico. And, contrary to popular misconception, it is not Mexico’s independence day and even if it was why would I celebrate it?

Do the Mexicans celebrate the 4th of July?

Do I care? (no)

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0 Responses to No I will not be celebrating Cinco de Mayo

  1. pdb says:

    Yeah, if your nation’s national holiday celebrates a victory over the French, you know you live in a loser country.

  2. ExurbanKevin says:

    I’ve worked on medical mission teams from Mazatlan to Tijuana, and no one south of the border celebrates Cinco de Mayo(naisse). It’s kinda like our Flag Day or Armed Forces Day: Technically, it’s a holiday, but no one really notices.

    Personally, I think it was dreamed up by the brewers of Corona and distillers of José Cuervo to boost sales of their (utterly undrinkable) products.

  3. breda says:

    one word: margaritas.

  4. tam says:

    I’m neither Irish nor Catholic, but don’t mind an excuse to drink Guinness in March, either. 😉

  5. ExurbanKevin says:

    Well, to be fair, pdb, if we celebrated every time the French got their @$$es kicked on battlefield, we’d be drunk every day of the year.

    Wait a minute, that sounds like a plan…