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Happy Independence day!

The Star Spangled Banner at Fort McHenry. Where we showed the damn British that we were STILL independent.

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Victims of communism day

Today is May 1st, the day we pause and remember the hundreds of millions of people killed by communism. Kevin has more here.

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Blogging may be dead…

…but this one isn’t quite yet. In fact, today SnarkyBytes is six years old. That’s positively ancient in Internet years.

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Geological Time Scale vs Human Pollution

I started to leave this as a comment over at Borepatch’s place but it just kept growing and growing so I made it a post. I was at the Natural Science Museum today, and I relearned a few things that … Continue reading

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Linoge’s Graphics Matter chart updated

The 2009 data is in and it looks like, yet again, the more guns = more gun deaths claim is still wrong. Go there and look at the pretty graphs. Thanks, Linoge, for maintaining that data set and doing the … Continue reading

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USMC 100 Years in the air

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100 years and looking good!

The Texas is 100 years old today. Happy Birthday!

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Happy 236th Birthday, Marines!

Semper Fi.

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1936 Assembly Line

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London Streets, 1903

Lots of horse poop and some dangerously overloaded wagons.

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